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Obtaining finance doesn't need to be a daunting task. The process should be simple. 


Tell us what you would like to finance, and we will find the most appropriate loan for you, obtain an approval and report back to you with the exact repayments and interest rates for you to consider.

This is done without charge or obligation as a service to our clients. 

There are two options to submit an application, either download and complete the full application form here 

or complete the simple application online below. 

To submit an online application we require just three things:

  1. Tell us the details of what you want to buy

  2. Provide a copy of your drivers licence.

  3. Provide copies of three recent payslips.
    *Please note pdf files only.

Tell us what you want to buy

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How do we contact you?

This is a simplified application, we will contact you should we require more information